Be the Change We Want to See

Here we are in the thick of it.  US Primary Season 2016.  Fear and Hope seem to be in a tug of war.  As a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders, I ache with the longing for our movement to bear witness to and to resemble the vision of a new way of being.

Watching bits of the Arizona meetings on the theme of voter suppression, I can hear and feel the rancor borne of profound frustration and the acute hunger for level playing field, fairness, justice.

I hear vitriol in my own camp.  I hear many of the messages delivered at the hearing carrying the energy of personal attack.

I believe that the Art and Practice of Non Violent Communication is vital to this moment.

We stand in a time of precious possibility.   Only by laying claim to our own responsibility can we truly succeed.  Our thoughts words and actions have power.  By harnessing these powers to move our individual expression in the direction of a more peaceful and compassionate world, we can be the change we wish to see.

May we begin with the inward movement of looking deeply to see what feelings are here, discerning what values are alive in our most passionate responses to the world around us.  Can we turn toward these strong feelings and the needs / values that give rise to them.  Encountering our own living needs is step one.  Naming and grieving needs unmet, celebrating the instances and the places when and where what’s most important to us is acknowledged, reflected and finds support gives us a place to stand.

Can we offer just a bit of tenderness to the wounded places, the ache of deep longing.

Can we afford to recognize our broken heartedness at the way things are, even as we reach together for a new model of healing and care for all.


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